C-C-C-Cobra Breaker!

Bronx zoo's cobra, enjoying a quiet relaxing bask in the sun with his family

If you’re a fan of snakes, as I am, then you may have been following the Egyptian Cobra that made a successful bid for freedom from NYC’s Bronx Zoo. Said Cobra is now tweeting to throw people off the scent of his real mission and said zoo is basking in what very well could be a genius marketing move on their part. Obviously such a cobra-related issue is too much to miss, so I went out looking for him. Et voila! Le serpent! I interviewed him next to the pyramids in Egypt and he said: “Hissss beetle beetle bird bird hissssss bottle bird pyramid scribe beetle lion lion hisssss” which, roughly translated, means “I missed my family, so I came to visit them”. Ahhhhhhh! How cute!

I fear for his journey back to the zoo. Hopefully, the marketing gain from the international travels of Mr Cobra will prevent this story from ending badly… May the force be with you, little cobra, giant frightening humans can be incredibly stupid when it comes to misplaced fear.

UPDATE: Yey! He made it home!

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