Contact the Cobras

In the unlikely event that you feel a burning need to contact the Cobras, you can do so either by leaving comments here — see below — or by e-mailing cobras at the domain. Snakes are notoriously bad at reading and typing so bear that in mind if you feel that your note is important.

Of course, you could become my second follower on Twitter, but be warned, I’m not very good at this online social networking lark.

I’m one of the four people that inhabits Google+ if that floats your boat or polishes your piano. I’m pretty awful at that, though. I also sneaked onto Facebook, despite spending the best part of five years explaining to all and sundry that I wouldn’t out of principle. I’m still trying to figure out how the flying flock of pigeons it actually works. Snakes, eh?

Rattlerattlerattle, hisssssss.

There was a contact form here, but… oh, the spam.

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