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Imbuing a certain niceness on one’s formatting

Oh my, std::locale(“”) is gorgeous when slapped on a std::stringstream. So long as you’re not writing super-duper-performance-sensitive code, you can do wonderful things like this: #include <string> #include <sstream> #include <locale> #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> int main() { std::stringstream ss; … Continue reading

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That’s no moon!

Itook my umbrella to London the other day in order to prevent it from raining. It was Mrs Cobra’s idea, she reminded me that Murphy’s Law means that if I don’t take it, I will end up more drenched than … Continue reading

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Beware the schedules of March

Well, polish my tabletops, March has passed away and April has sprung into action. Birds are nesting, trees are flowering and it is almost time to empty the lake of winter-detritus from the BBQ and fire it up for a … Continue reading

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Some problems deserve immediate attention and simply can’t wait… a swarm of angry bees in your living room, for example, must be dealt with promptly especially if one wishes to have sex on the sofa. Other problems, such as several … Continue reading

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