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Well, jingle my bells. WordPress, an IT manager friend of mine and my web host said this would take no time at all and bless everyone’s cotton socks, it took just minutes. I barely had time to boil the kettle before I had a blog up and running. Anyhoo, this is my blog. I’m a programmer/consultant/bad cook/awful gardener. I do PC, Mac and iOS programming in C, C++ and Objective C. I’m also pretty nifty with PHP, but that’s because it’s basically typeless C with dollar signs all over the shooting match. Unfortunately, I seem to have a gift for C#. Well, either a gift or it’s trivially easy to learn and use. I like to think that I make some of the best roast potatoes ever created by man. If that doesn’t make me sound like the most boring human being on earth, I’ve not tried hard enough – come back later, I’m working on it.

Like millions of other blogs on the Internet, it’ll contain random rubbish that interests me more than anyone else – needless to say, I expect one regular visitor and that’s my wife and only then because I’ll regularly say “hey, have you seen my blog recently?”. I’m likely to ramble about tedious programming subjects, space, plants, food, wine and any subject that requires me to get something off my chest in the vague, hopeless belief that it’ll somehow make a difference. We all know it won’t, but illusion is a powerful morale raiser.

Feel free to say hello, but be warned that all comments are moderated. This is primarily to avoid spam, but also because it’s my blog and consequently it’s my soapbox. I welcome comments, but random rubbish, abuse, poor grammar and general lack of content is likely to get you censored by the Grammar Snake. If you want freedom to say what you want, feel free to create your own blog. Needless to say, it’s easy to do. Now – keeping it fresh with content, well, that’s altogether much harder.


“Frequently” asked question!

Well, if by frequently we mean once, then yes! It made me giggle so much that it just had to be published, OK, to be fair, the link looked mighty suspicious in a “don’t click on this” sort of way so it was probably yet another clever ruse from the SpamBots, but it was amusing nonetheless.

Q. Can I advertise on your blog?

A. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Who do you think that your advert is going to reach? Other SpamBots? My total hits (at the time of writing in July 2011) is four figures and whilst I’m not telling you which four figures, there’s a “1” surprisingly close to the beginning of that. There will not be any advertising on this blog because a) it’s a soap-box, not a profit centre and b) the hit count will never justify it. Given that it’s just a few friends and family that tune in regularly (and even they need prompting), your best bet is to scan in your advert, e-mail it to me and I’ll ignore it for you as soon as I can.

More exciting frequently asked questions as they arrive!

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