Five no trumps. What could go wrong?

Four hearts

This was meant to indicate the bridge bid 'four hearts'. It ended up like this. Someone, save me if it is not too late. Tooooooo laaaaaate!

Whilst I feel like a fallback to the British empire saying this (hahaha! We once had an empire!), I must express my enormous disappointment about the severe lack of bridge players these days. I think of it as a national disgrace. Bridge is a wonderful game for four players that is specifically designed to maximise the drinking and snacking capacity of those four people as they enjoy an evening in. Bridge achieves this miracle by ensuring that one of the four players is always free to pop to the fridge or open a new bottle of wine. Frankly, it is sheer genius that was probably created around the fact that knocking out several gin and tonics is not a trivial affair. It requires concentration and effort and this can severely disrupt a four player game. Bridge, therefore, rocks and rolls.

Quite why I cannot find the two local people that I need in order to start regular bridge nights is, therefore, utterly beyond me. So. For the three people from Cambridge who will feel obliged to read this blog post after I have spammed it to Facebook and Google+, two of you need to contact me about an evening’s bridge playing. I will supply snacks, gin, tonic and lemons.

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