Germs! GERMS!

Vicious Germs

They got me, next, they'll GET YOU!

Ihad a four day week last week! So, on one hand, yeah! On the other hand, bloody hell. What happened to Wednesday? No, seriously, where did it go? Now if I wasn’t the typical yellow-bellied male who believes that even the lightest sniffle is the plague, I’d say I had flu, but I am so let’s just say that it was a god awful cold caught from baby Cobra who dealt with it considerably better than me.

Anyhoo, there’s this “scene missing” in my life from about, oh, 9PM last Tuesday that stretches through to about 8AM Thursday. I vaguely recall managing to cook a stir fry Wednesday night to feed the Cobra family and I have absolutely no idea how this happened without me blowing up the kitchen or myself. Also, there was was something about something or something. Who knows. Either way, last Wednesday was a day of mystery and I’d not even been drinking. Still, fortunately, my immune system finally got its arse in gear at some point Thursday and started doing what I pay it to do and got out there with knives and guns and started murdering germs. Whilst they look cute, the little buggers are nasty. Watch out, you could be next…

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