Even the bees are wearing shades

British people are famous for talking about the weather. There is a good reason for this: we get an awful lot of it. We regularly get at least three seasons in one day, sometimes as many as six (sprummer is one of my personal favourites). Because of this, when it comes to nice weather we tend to live for the moment and that means having A BBQ NOW, not planning for one at the weekend when it will probably be frosty, stormy, typhoony or volcanoey. Even a couple of hundred miles away on the continent, the weather is often identical for days – if not weeks. Their weather forecast could simply say “pretty much the same as yesterday” and be accurate 95% of the time. Here in the UK, we would be bloody chuffed if the weather forecast could be accurate even half the time. But, although the evidence so far would suggest otherwise, I can’t complain:


Normally, no-one likes a showoff. But for this, Spring, we're prepared to make an exception

As Mrs Cobras’ wonderful picture shows, spring has been delightful and garden activities have gone from breaking the ice on the pond to basking in the sun in the space of a week. I would say that I hope the weather is good for you, too, but to be honest, I’m being really rather selfish about this.

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