PlayBook: Hahahahaha!


Friendly toast won't be smiling when you start eating him alive. How COULD you?

What do you know the BlackBerry chaps for? What’s that? As industry leaders in secure mobile e-mail solutions you say? Absolutely. So, if YOU were RIM and you were releasing a tablet computer thingie to compete with the iPad, what one feature would you make sure was a) present and b) industry leading? E-mail perhaps? A contacts application to go with it, maybe? No, those in charge have decided not to bother with an e-mail client or a contacts application for the time being because, after all, they’re just not important in a tablet device. Amazingly, their co-CEO managed to say this with a straight face shortly before riding off into the sunset on a magic unicorn:

“This is superior, it’s far more portable, it’s lighter in your hands, you can hold it for longer.” [Bloomberg]

Well, so’s this delicious mini-bakewell tart that I’m holding right now but it also can’t do e-mail.

To be fair, the PlayBook does do e-mail if it is tethered to a BlackBerry, but then my router browses the web when tethered to a computer and I can run at 80 miles an hour when tethered to my car.

Honestly, it’s absolutely hysterical watching so called innovators trip over themselves to make bad copies of Apple’s iPad. It’s like car-crash television without the car crash. Or the television. The catch-up approach to forging ahead is always going to leave you behind and not in a sexy surprise cuddle opportunity sort of way. If these guys and those at Samsung are the best that the competition can come up with then frankly, Apple could ship a touch sensitive piece of toast and still be market leaders. Hmmmmmm, toast… munch munch munch.

(PS: They also didn’t feel a calendar application was useful, so skipped that too.)

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