Beware the schedules of March

Unfinished code

A small amount of the vast fields of my unfinished code, yesterday

Well, polish my tabletops, March has passed away and April has sprung into action. Birds are nesting, trees are flowering and it is almost time to empty the lake of winter-detritus from the BBQ and fire it up for a good old fashioned drunken cooking session involving FIRE!

It’s also a great time for a monthly update on the progress of my iPhone game. Executive summary: grim. Here are the scores on the doors in handy tear-off table form:

Estimated total project duration: 4 months with a month’s contingency
Start date: March 2010 (yes, 2010)
Total progress so far: Three weeks (15%)
Total progress this month: Four hours (0.5%)
Estimated completion date: Mid 2025

Well, lookin’ good in at least one parallel universe. Fortunately, I have a good excuse: I have been incredibly busy doing actual work programming… you know, the stuff that pays the bills and all that jazzamatazz. I have also yet to officially find volunteers (or victims, depending on your perspective) to do the graphics, sound and level design (hint-hint, you know who you are). My plan for April and May is to knock out a simple level editor. With one of these, I can take my one level and knock out tons of them – it is the kind of thing I can do on the train and it will at least feel like progress.

Be sure to tune in for the April update, viewers, where we expect to be moving to rung 3 of a 400 rung ladder! Honestly, the excitement is killing me…

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