Here’s my expression when I checked my email every morning for the past few weeks:

Terror and nervousness

It’s what I expect is the standard expression for iPhone developers going through app approval the first time. Here is the full sequence of sheer terror:

A process in progress

That last bit instilled a quivering that only jelly stuffed with vibrators could match, and that is some nervousness. Anyhow, to cut a long story far longer than it needs to be, here is how my morning gained a garnish of true splendiferousness:

Ta Daaaaaa!

So may I just modestly take a small moment to just briefly make a minor exclamation of joy?


Yey squared! My first iPhone application has been published on the App store! Obviously it is not my game, as we’re not sure if that will make it at all given that it still only has one level, but instead it is a groovy little reference application that I wrote for a friend in France. I have to say, whilst the process of approval is tense (it is a little like waiting for results of a particularly mind-curdling exam) it really is quite straightforward. In a nutshell, follow the process, don’t bend the rules and Robert’s your father’s brother.

It is this good news that explains why two thirds of the Cobra family are enjoying Champagne this evening. Baby Cobra, though, is too young, so she’s chewing on a giraffe instead. As one does.

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